You Cannot Hide Anything from God

The other day, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I took a look in the mirror to get a closer look, but to no avail. I then noticed my wife’s make-up mirror.

May I pause just long enough to say those mirrors should have warning labels – “WARNING: Looking into this mirror may produce intermittent periods of fear, nausea and/or sleepless nights.” Friends, God created some faces for high-def magnification x 100. Mine is not one of those faces except to my Granny who thought I looked just like Burt Reynolds. Yep, maybe in a dark room at a distance with the lights off I'd tell her.

SO anyways, I naively took a peek. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again!

Why on earth would any woman subject themselves to a high-def magnification x 1000 mirror? Oh, and I didn’t mention the ring of lights, did I? To say I was frightened would be an understatement. In fact, so disturbed I was, that I forgot the very reason I was looking into the mirror in the first place.

Gentlemen, I would highly recommend, if you haven’t already lived this nightmare, DO NOT look into one of those things for any reason at any time. Ladies, all I can say is WHY? WHY? WHY? Subject yourselves to such an awful experience?

Then it dawned on me. As upsetting as it was to see some of my imperfections in a high-def magnification x 10,000 mirror, God sees ALL of my imperfections - or SINS - far more closely and clearly than that. In fact, He sees everything I have done, am doing, or will ever do. He knows my words before I speak them and my thoughts before I think them, and yet despite that, He loves me unconditionally.

Friends, the reality is that we cannot hide anything from God. My advice, when it comes to the sin in your life, would be to simply own it, confess it, repent or turn from it, and ask God’s forgiveness for having done/thought/said it.

See you at the finish line!