Jesus Christ is the one and only way, truth, and life to God, the Father. He lived a perfect life and died in our place on an executioner's cross. He was buried in a borrowed tomb before rising from the dead defeating sin, destroying death, and obliterating the grave. We believe He is coming back just as He said He would.  We believe every person has a choice:  ACCEPT Jesus as Savior and Lord and be given the gift of eternal life in heaven, or REJECT Jesus and face an eternity in a literal hell.  We believe salvation comes by grace through faith and not of works. We also believe that though we are not saved BY works, we most certainly are saved FOR the works God has prepared for us.  We believe in the ongoing indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit-inspired, inerrant, infallible, Word of God. We believe God's Word, the Bible, is the authority on all manners pertaining to our present life and eternity to come.  


Our vision is to be used of God for His glory by living, showing, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ to those around us. The Lord has made it clear that we are to bless others as we, ourselves, have been blessed. God is using CHR1ST FELLOWSHIP to reach out to those who have grown tired of religion and are longing for a growing, deepening, life- transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not perfect, but we are useful in the hands of a perfect God.  We strive to follow Jesus and stay true to His Word. Our vision is to raise up men and women equipped, empowered and emboldened to take the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ into their neighborhoods, schools, and places of employment. Ministry is not reserved for the "pastor" but rather is the highest privilege of all who call themselves Christians! 


We understand that we are here, not to build the kingdom of men, but rather to add souls to the Kingdom of God! We strive to do that at home, work, worship and play, for we are all ambassadors of Jesus no matter where we find ourselves.  We value the BIBLE as the foundation of our ministry and our guide in all matters of faith and practice. We value PEOPLE, for every person has been created in the image of God and should be treated accordingly. We value EXCELLENCE as a mindset that motivates us to be our best. We value heartfelt WORSHIP  that is God-honoring, Spirit-led, and life-changing. We value SERVICE to each other and the community. We value PRAYER as essential for Christian growth, guidance, and power in every area of our life.


It all started...

The seeds for CHR1ST FELLOWSHIP were planted over 25 years ago when God impressed upon Pastor Chris the name Chr1st.  At the time, Chris was a Norfolk Police Officer and was enjoying Serving God on the streets of Norfolk with no thought of going into full time ministry. "Hang on to that name", he sensed the Lord say. Over twenty five years later, September 9, 2012  CHR1ST FELLOWSHIP COMMUNITY CHURCH was born with 44 adult charter members and their children! The following year, we dropped "Community" and  simply became Chr1st Fellowship Church. "Becoming 1 in Christ by Keeping Christ 1st".  

In the time since September 2012, we have met in a hotel, another church's chapel, a small Christian school, we even had the honor of calling a police station "home" for a short time. We are now planted at our church home on Peterson Street in Norfolk, VA.


From the very beginning, we sensed the importance of traveling light. We have a sound system, chairs, people and the Lord. We've held Vacation Bible School in neighborhoods, baptisms in backyard pools and holiday parties at local restaurants.  We've discovered that is more than enough. We have been blessed with several wonderful local churches that have opened their doors to assist us with special services and celebrations.  

God has placed the First Responder Community on our hearts. We have several current and retired Law Enforcement Officers that are members of Chr1st Fellowship. We intentionally honor, support, and recognize our First Responder Community throughout the year through our "Serving the Protectors" Ministry.  We are beyond grateful for the sacrifices made daily by the men and women who have answered the call to stand in the gap for our communities.



Pastor Chris Amos was led to plant CHR1ST FELLOWSHIP following a 27 year career as a Norfolk Police Officer. Chris has been an ordained minister since 1999 and served as both a police officer and bivocational pastor since that time.  Chris is married to Anne Marie and has three children; Seth, who beat us to the finish line & entered Heaven in 2018, and his wife Stacey, Jesse and his wife Lydia, and Hannah and her husband Sebastian.  Chris and Anne Marie have seven beautiful grandchildren; Ryder, Carson, Rosie, Bodie, Savannah, Malachi, and Tucker.


CHR1ST FELLOWSHIP is the sum of it's parts. Every member is an important, active, and necessary  member of the team. Pastor Chris determined in the beginning that every member was loved by God and able to be used of God for the edification of the Church. Every Sunday the members of CHR1ST FELLOWSHIP have an opportunity to "brag on Jesus" and what He has, is and is yet to do in their lives. Tremendous encouragement, inspiration and motivation have been given to the Church Body BY the Church Body during these times of personal testimony. Our team is always growing and looking for new members to minister through service. We value those who break down and set up the church for service as much as we do those who preach and teach.  CHR1ST FELLOWSHIP is blessed to have a team of Godly Deacons that love the Lord and love people. Mike Nowak, Floyd Messick, Mark Railling, Kyle Austin and Bubba Baggott.