MRC | Words Have Power

Friend, I believe with every fiber of my being that life is more than flesh and blood, bone and muscle, veins and arteries. No, in addition to this physical body we also have a soul, (mind, will, emotions) and a spirit; that part of us that was created to communicate with God. Perhaps the most visible sign that links the body, soul and spirit together is the spoken word. You see it is through the spoken word that power is released in the spiritual realm. Now I’m not talking about the “name it, claim it” crowd or the “blab it, grab it” group but I am saying the words we use carry with them a great deal more power than many of us may believe, for better OR worse. Listen to the words being spoken and how they are being delivered and you will quickly identify the spiritual/demonic power at play.

Case in point. Over the weekend the media covered a buffet of protests from coast to coast. I had mentioned in an earlier MRC that I don’t speak out politically because if I offend I have chosen to do so over Jesus Christ and the cross and not a politician. Having said that I do follow current events, political and otherwise, very closely always looking for a spiritual meaning.

So I saw a protest in New York City over the weekend and some woman, claiming to be a professor at NYU, became unhinged. She was yelling and screaming, her veins in her forehead and neck were popping, her words were laced with profanity and hate as she unloaded on a group of men and women from the NYPD. I’ll not repeat what she was screaming. Having eyes to see and ears to hear the hatred she was spewing it wasn’t difficult to determine that the power being released was not holy righteous indignation but demonic vitriol. You see our words carry a power far greater than we may believe, (James 3).

What am I saying? Simply this, listen to what is being spoken or shouted on EVERY SIDE of an issue and as emotional flames are fanned and the discussion heats up it seems to invariably descend into vitriolic attacks. Friend I can guarantee you 100%, that God IS NOT the source of such unbridled rage no matter the cause. The tragic irony is that without Jesus Christ, according to the Bible, the most liberal progressive and staunchest conservative are kin, both children of the prince of this world, satan and doing his bidding as they attack one another. Think about that for a minute. 

Friend do not become so obsessed over who says what that you lose sight over what is being said because the words spoken are literally unleashing a little bit of heaven or hell on earth. More importantly make sure YOUR words are releasing the powers of heaven and not hell and if you are struggling the Bible simply says to stay quiet!

See you at the finish line!